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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, by now you have heard of Lance Armstrong. The unusual thing here is that you may have heard of him, but not always for the same reason. Some know him as a champion cyclist who set the world record by winning the Tour de France six times. Others may know of him through his philanthropic works, namely The Lance Armstrong Foundation and the yellow Livestrong wristbands that you see everywhere these days. Others may know him as a cancer survivor who decided to meet the challenges that cancer threw his way head on and came out the winner. Regardless of how you know of him, just knowing of him at all offers your life inspiration when you may need it most.

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Lance Armstrong was born September 18, 1971 to a teenage mother. Athletic from the start, Lance competed in a number of triathlons and became a professional athlete by the age of 16. Eventually, his love of cycling became his main athletic focus and a phenomenon was born. After competing in the 1992 Olympic games, Lance entered the world of professional cycling, entering his first Tour de France in 1995. At the top of his game and with his mother by his side every step of the way, Lance seemed to have it all. Unfortunately, in October of 1996, everything changed. Suffering from chronic pain, Lance was diagnosed with testicular cancer that would eventually spread to his lungs and brain. With chances of recovery less than 50%, Lance began a course of treatment that would include two surgeries and chemotherapy. With time, the treatment began to work and Lance was on his way to a full recovery.

This didn’t happen overnight. The chemotherapy took a toll on Lance’s body and he was left feeling weak and fragile. Remarkably, though, just five months after his initial diagnoses, Lance was back on a bike rebuilding the strength he had lost. Not only did the cancer take its toll on Lance physically, but the emotional impact was traumatic as well. Nothing makes you stand up and take stock of your life like a cancer diagnoses. Deciding that he was in a unique position to do something positive with his life and his experience, he founded The Lance Armstrong Foundation as a foundation for cancer research and support program to other patients suffering from cancer as he had. With his stand up and take charge of your life attitude, Lance has inspired thousands of cancer patients just like him to fight the fight of their lives with power and strength. With the Livestrong wristbands on the arms of everyone from celebrities to the milkman, the foundation has currently raised more than 13 million dollars for cancer research.

Lance went on to fully recover and, amazingly, win the Tour de France a record seven times since his bout with cancer. He is a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration when people need it most. He has sited the need to spend more time with his family as the reason for his retirement. Surely this is understandable, as he deserves to spend time with those people he loves. Lance was engaged to rock star Sheryl Crowe in September 2005. However there are recent reports that Lance Armstrong and Sherly Crowe have now broken up. And in February 2006, Sheryl Crowe underwent treatment for breast cancer.

Like many top athletes Lance has been accused of using performance enhancing drugs. When one is at the top of his game, jealous competitors will say whatever it takes to try to bring him down to their level. It sad they can't see that he is superior, and accept it at that.

In 2006 Lance Armstrong has been selected to drive the Indy 500 pace car. To kick off the Indianapolis 500 he will drive the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 on May 26th. He said he can't wait to hear the roar of the 250,000 screaming fans.

Yes it is true Lance Armstrong is dating Ashley Olsen. Ashley Olsen was seen kissing Lance at New York 's Gramercy Park Hotel's Rose bar. Lance had previously dated fashion designer Tory Burch.

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